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WABC’s Amy Freeze was at Citi Field for “Take Your Kid to Work Day” where the Mets hosted two special guests.

Tuesday’s Children serves the families of 9/11 through various programs including a mentoring program on “Take Your Kid to Work Day.”  Two participants got the assignment of a lifetime today!

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Meet Anthony Vanaria and Chris Gardner.  Anthony turned 4 the day his father responded as FDNY, he survived but is critically ill.  Chris’s father, a firefighter, died on 9/11.  Both boys have been a part of Tuesdays Children since the organization began ten years ago.

It’s hard to call this work… more like a dream job!  14 year old Anthong Vanaria and  17 year old Chris Gardner got assigned to a day with the Mets as part of Tuesday’s Children.

Tuesday’s Children Development Officer Amy Wright says “It’s a wonderful shadow opportunity. The children can walk hand in hand and experience everything through one of their business days.”

It wasn’t just any old day at the office though.  During their day at the Mets they didn’t just see the game – they also went behind the scenes.  Out of the dugout, the boys were fast friends with Mets Pitcher Bobby Parnell turns out they ALL had something in common. Parnell shared his grandfather, father and brother are all firefighters in North Carolina.  Parnell said, “If I weren’t playing baseball that’s probably where I’d be!”

Job shadowing for Chris and Anthony included pictures with First Baseman Ike Davis.  They received signed batting gloves from Third Baseman David Wright.  There were handshakes with Pitcher Dillon Gee – whose Father is a firefighter in Texas… as well as Outfielder Mike Baxter’s Mom is secretary in FDNY.  Anthony said meeting those players was special because they could relate to their family.

Inside the clubhouse, it was job shadowing with Mets executives.  The young men attened a press conference with Mets Coach Terry Collins.

Chris says his grandfather was an Usher at Shea Stadium for 40 years so working for the Mets already runs in the family.  While Anthony has his own view of what it’s like to be in the major leagues,  “My idols sat here and now I’m siting here… eventually I could be playing or working in PR!”

Freeze asked him, “So you could see this as your office?”  Anthony nodded, “Pretty much!”

note:   The Field was incredible.  The players were really nice to Anthony and Chris.  Plus, the team won.  It was a great first time at Citifield!  Amy Freeze