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My Dad Taught Me to Run

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Everybody has a story about how they started running as a sport. Mine started young. I began running road races when I was 8 years old growing up in Southern Indiana. My Father, Bill Freeze, loved to get up on Saturday mornings and run the local races. His example and love of running is why I am a runner today. He started taking me and my 4 sisters along with him to races. At first, we ran the kids “fun runs.” I remember meeting a local news anchor, the beautiful Jackie Hays from WAVE-TV in Louisville.

But it wasn’t long before I joined him in the 5Ks and then 10Ks and then my first Mini Marathon in 1983. It was such a thrill to run along side my dad in the races. I grew up loving to run. In a time where there were not many sports for girls, I was taught a love of physical fitness through the sport of running.

My dad was usually a “middle of the packer” but that didn’t keep him for admiring the guys that won the races. He met many of them and had his photo with them. My Dad made sure that I learned how to run from the very best. The summer after my first Mini Marathon I attended a running camp put on by the legendary Swag Hartel. I joined other preteens learning form, how to run sprints, drinking just enough water before races and how to chose the right shoes. I still think about the tips Swag taught me during that camp:
Form – holding my fists gentle enough to carry an egg!
Sprints – sprints can be incorporated into any run… it’s called tempo training
Water- drink the day before a race, sip on race day
Shoes- ALWAYS get them at a Running Store so you have the right size

Rare Video of 1983 Swag Hartel KY Derby Mini Marathon

I still think about those training tips when I run today. Even though I started young, I feel like I learn new things about myself and my fitness level every time I hit the road. P.S. Swag: I’m on my way to get a new pair of shoes for my NYC Marathon Training.

Photo One Louisville KY TV News Anchor Jackie Hayes at a local Road Race when I was about 8 years old.
Photo Two Family photo of me at the age of 10

Jackie Hayes

Grew up Running as a Kid in Southern Indiana

Freeze Family

Freeze Family