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This is the course for Sunday. 26.2 Miles
This is my 6th Marathon, I did NYC Marathon once before 10 years ago (after 9/11) and it was a very patriotic experience. I’m looking forward to this race… my plan is to make it my slowest marathon ever!  That might sound funny (even though I’ve had a great training program and got in TWO 20-mile training runs) I really want to enjoy this marathon – the course and the people which means that the WATER STOPS will be a big part of my race!

Often people will be surprised when they meet someone who runs marathon… the questions are familar… so here are my answers…

Why run a Marathon?      Because, thankfully, I can!

How do you have time to train?    I make time. I’m a mother of 4.  Secret Weapon:  the first shoes I put on every day are a pair of running shoes… it makes the workout inevitable!

How can you make it 26.2 miles running, I can’t drive that far!   I make it one water stop at a time!  Poland Springs is sponsoring the ING Marathon this year — and the water stops are what I look forward to — not just for the liquid but because of the people volunteering at the water stops…. I’ll be looking for YOU! (P.S. I really can’t drive 26.2 miles all that well either!)

Fastest Time:  4:04  I’ve never run a Sub-4 Marathon and I’ve never run Boston,  I want to do both someday BUT not this race.

Why put yourself through the pain of a marathon?   It’s odd, like childbirth.  you forget that it hurts.

What will you do when you finish?  I’m going to Disney…. sort of… I’ll be on the 6pm Eyewitness News with the Accuweather Forecast on Sunday Night!


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NYC Marathon Training: #WeekendWorkout

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#WeekendWorkout on Twitter

American Record Holder Josh Cox

I met Josh Cox in Chicago in 2010

This time of year, marathoners are getting in their long runs every weekend. Part of the equation of when and how many miles is What’s the Weather this Weekend?!

American Record Holder Josh Cox has a twitter shoutout called #WeekendWorkout so I thought I’d post up my weekend workouts as well as a Workout Forecast leading up to the ING NYC Marathon. Both Cox and I will be running with Hole In The Wall Gang put together by Poland Spring Water.

My long run on Sept. 10th was along the Hudson River from West 63rd all the way to the George Washington Bridge. It’s a 13 mile run along the Hudson up and back. I love this run in the evening and if you time it just right you’ll see an amazing sunset. Oh! And bring a camera – there’s a cool, red lighthouse at the base of the GW Bridge!

Best Things About the Run: it’s along the WATER so you get a breeze the whole way, there are a few WATER stops in the parks adjacent to the path, there are many parks along the way and you’ll get a vibe for the neighborhoods all the way up the west side of NYC, there are a few restaurants and my favorite is the iCAFE burger spot near 71st at the Pier $10 gets you a yummy burger and fries.

Look out for: the path is well marked when it gets narrow for where runners should be and where bikers should be so pay attention! The path is not well lit in spots so DO NOT run when it’s too dark. Finally, beware – the GW Bridge looks much closer than it is!!!

Weekend Forecast for your Workout Sept 17-18 in #NYC
It looks and feels like Fall!
Saturday Partly Sunny, Before 9AM mid 50s, Afternoon High 67
Sunday Sunny and Cool, Before 9AM mid 50s, Afternoon High 70