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Great Lakes Cyclone

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Great Lakes Cyclone Approaching

High Wind Warning in Effect

Strong Storm to Produce Damaging Winds

An extremely powerful storm system is moving towards Chicago with the potential to produce destructive winds. Because of the wide area it will affect, the strength of the winds and the duration of the storm Meteorologist Amy Freeze says this storm could be the most potent wind event for the Great Lakes area in more than 70 years. The storm is a low pressure system attached to a cold front. The initial part of the storm will bring showers to the Chicago area early Tuesday then a dramatic increase in wind. Wind speeds between 30 and 40 mph with gusts in excess of 55 mph are possible through Tuesday afternoon. Wind gusts may decrease temporarily Tuesday night but winds will again pick up Wednesday with gusts in excess of 55 mph possible. The strongest winds are expected across northern Illinois and across Lake Michigan. Storm force winds on Lake Michigan will create significant waves up to around 25 feet on the north half and around 20 feet on the south half, with occasional higher waves. Once the storm passes, temperatures will be 20 degrees cooler.

  • What to Expect with the weather conditions:
  • Showers Develop By Dawn
  • Winds Increase 5AM to 10AM up to 40 mph winds with gusts to 60mph
  • Showers End before Noon on Tuesday
  • Winds Taper off in the afternoon and increase again overnight into Wednesday
  • Temperatres in the 50s Wednesday, Afternoon Highs in the 40s by Thursday

The storm is already being nicknamed the Great Lakes Cyclone. This storm forecast puts this weather event in a historical position as the 2nd most powerful storm in the Chicago area ever. Here is the climate information from the National Weather Service in Romeoville.


1. Great Ohio Blizzard    Jan 26, 1978     950 HPA / 28.05 inches

2. Forecasted Wind Event Tuesday    Oct 26-27, 2010   959 HPA / 28.35 inches **

3. Armistice Day Storm  Anniversary Storm Nov 11, 1940

Nov 10, 1998
967 HPA / 28.55 inches
967 HPA / 28.55 inches

4. Cyclone of 1913 (aka White Hurricane)
Nov 7-9, 1913
968 HPA / 28.60 inches

5. Edmund Fitzgerald Storm Nov 10, 1975 980 HPA / 28.95 inches

The most important thing to do is stay aware of the forecast. There are things you can do to protect yourself and your property including:

  • Make sure your Storm Doors latch securely to prevent them from being blown open and broken.
    Store or tie down your lawn furniture so that it does not become air born and cause damage to it or surrounding items.
    Lower table umbrellas to prevent damage.
    Free standing outdoor cooking grills should be secured or stored, to prevent damage to them.
    Put your refuse cans in a secure area to keep them from being blown around.
    Yard toys should be brought in or secured to keep them in place. (Tie the swings to the supports to prevent damage)
    Wind Chimes and other hanging decorations may need to be taken down. (You might want to bring in the Halloween decorations for a couple of days).
    Loose items on screened-in porches should be secured or brought inside.
    Garage doors should not be left open.
    Free standing plant holders should be secured or brought inside.
    Trim dead wood and weak / overhanging branches from all trees.
    Ensure outside pets have a safe and secure place to get out of the winds/weather.

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