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Bears Weather… Phil Wants to Know

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It’s not 100-proof, but few things in weather are without chance and probability…. So “Bears Weather?” Is there such a thing and what could it possibly mean? When talking about Bears football, it seems the colder the weather, the better the odds of victory. I’m not saying that colder weather would have helped us win… but then again Today the Wind Chills were ABOVE Zero… Honestly, just looking at any winning stats at this point feels better than losing in the cold… 😦 See Below

November 13, 2005 Bears vs. 49ers Bears 17 49ers 9 Nathan Vasher returns a 108 yard missed field goal as winds blew as high as 38 mph.

December 23, 2007 Bears vs. Packers Bears 35 Packers 7 Cold and winds with a low temperature of 14 degrees, winds gusting as high as 48 mph. Brett Farve says it’s the coldest game he’s ever played… “I’ve been playing 17 years and that was the worst conditions I’ve ever played in,” Bone chilling windy and snow! Farve threw two interceptions. Alex Brown picked him off on the first possession of the third quarter, setting up a touchdown. Urlacher ran one back 85 yards early in the fourth. The Bears also blocked two punts by Jon Ryan. December 1983 Bears Game Bears and Pakcers faces off with Bears winning 23-21. The second coldest game on record at 5 degrees.

The Bears coldest game by temperature is a tie — one was played December 27, 2008 at Soldier Field where game time kick off temperature was 2 degrees. The other coldest game ever was played at Wrigley Field December 16, 1951 against the Chicago Cardinals with the mercury at just 2 degrees.

The game with the most extreme wind chill was -15 windchill on Dec. 18, 1983, Bears Won!

January 21, 2007  And even when it snows!!!! Bears vs. Saints  Bears 39 Saints 14 The weather is cold and breezy with falling snow. Highs were in the 20s with the wind chill in the teens. About an inch of snow fell.   And no one will soon forget the “lake result” snow and cold during the 2010 New England “snow globe” where the Bears were victorious earning a playoff game!

10 coldest home games in franchise history, the Bears are only 8-2.

Bears Weather