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Who Gets You to the START

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Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.
–Booker T. Washington

I’ll be running the race with my training partner Curt Nuncio. I met Curt in Denver in 1999, at the time we worked at a local tv station, trained on Cherry Creek path and ran both the Colroado Marathon together and Chicago Marathon too (another co-worker and my husband joined us for that race,) and then we both moved on to different TV jobs in different cities. Fast forward 10 years and we’re both working in NYC again… and NYC Marathon will be our race reunion!

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Curt’s faster than me. Probably way faster but in marathon training, very little is fast so it works out. Curt’s a great training partner. He’s got stories to share, he’s a good listener, he can also run in silence. He will skip a workout if we want to postpone or go the extra mile if we need to do it. When you think about it… most people have a hard time doing the same thing for four hours… let alone doing the same thing with the same person for four hours! So, finding the right training partner is critical unless you are willing to train alone! Plus, if you like your partner, you’ll look forward to training.

Over the years, my training partners have included a wide variety of situations:
my hair dresser transformed to best friend and Warrior Dash partner,
my neighbor who had never run before/mother of 4/pediatric nurse who now has run several marathons,
a TV news anchor who lives thousands of miles away + we have never lived in the same city = we have run at least 2.5 marathons together and we ran together the morning of her wedding,

The point is this. I would not get to the finish line without training. But getting to the start line is always because I have the right training partner. I also think that the quote about “it’s the journey, not the destination,” was from somebody with a really cool training partner!  Love you all!

“It’s rude to count people as you pass them. Out loud.” -Adidas


I admit I’m a social runner. I like to talk. It’s easy to start the conversation… you just talk about the weather, right? I’ve met several people (strangers) while running who have later become my friends. And I really hope the guy I met today wants to be friends! At first, I passed him. Then he passed me. I passed him going uphill, he passed me going down. Our pace was similar. Yet our strides totally different. I looked like a runner, he looked like, well, a juggler. I skipped the small talk about the clouds overhead and asked, “Are you doing that the entire time you are running?”

He smiled as if he’d been asked the same question dozens of times before. Today he juggled the entire 15 miles he was jogging in Central Park. And he’ll be running the marathon again this year while juggling (at about the same pace as me – not juggling!) Which came first? Juggling or Jogging? Juggling he says is his passion. He can juggle seven items but sticks to just 3 during the 26.2 mile marathon. He speaks with a pleasant accent because he’s originally from South Africa, now living in New York City. (I was asking a lot of questions and felt guilty since he was juggling while answering so I talked about my trip to his native South Africa but my story didn’t last long because more people were passing us and cheering at him as we approached Strawberry Fields.)

It’s not everyday you see a Joggler. Yes, that’s right. I was jogging with a joggler. Meet the very fit and youthful 66-year-old Jack Hirschowitz. He’s the oldest joggler to complete a marathon. Lots of people smile when he runs by, some might be silently wondering if he’s somewhat insane. Juggling while jogging. But you should know, he’s a psychiatrist. I asked him what a doctor would say about a man who jogs and juggles… he said it’s “a very good thing to desire to be fit.” I hope it’s just as sane to want to have a friend who is a joggler.

The ING New York City Marathon is Nov. 6th. Jack’s fastest marathon is 4:51. My goal is to beat the Joggler!

Joggling is a sport! Check out this blog JUST YOUR AVERAGE JOGGLER or you can email a guy who know show to get started joggling…. Perry Romanowski.

Running into Memories

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Besides the first time I held my children, some of my greatest life moments have happened while running!  Meeting friends, seeing new places and of course, crossing finish lines… so when I train it seems I can’t help running into memories… thought I’d write a few down….
I think about my days running cross country where we would countdown until Friday where we would run to the Dairy Queen after practice.

I remember my high school coach running along side me during races cheering me on to the finish.  I remember doing my first triathlon with Olympian Amy Van Dyken when we were working for the same TV station in Denver.

I remember racing (use this term loosely!) Mary Decker Slaney on leg 12 of the Hood to Coast TWO years in a row!

I remember Media Team for relays and charity races. I think about some of my best friends in the world turning out summer after summer for my favorite race Miles to Fight Melanoma.

I love the memory of Deirdre and Maree helping me finish my 1st New York marathon and the phone call I made right after I finished the race.

I think about people I spent running 185 miles with… but havent’ seen since.

I think about the mornings my Dad woke me up before school growing up…it was still dark outside as we ran up and down the hill on Pawnee Drive visualizing the runners I’d pass in my next race.

There’s a country song, every mile a memory and it reminds me that the race is the destination… but the training is the real treat as it provides the road to reflection where I think about memories that have been made and the one’s that are waiting at the next race.  Looking forward to ING New York Marathon 2011


Meteorlogist Amy Freeze

From Shorter: Go Faster

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Frank Shorter


From Shorter, How to Get Faster

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” – Sir Roger Bannister (first person to do a sub-4 minute mile)
I have a few blue ribbons from my early days running (before I turned 12.) I even have an age division award from the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon in the late 80s. But I’ve never been obsessed about PRs And I don’t have a case full of running trophies! I suppose my running satisfaction is quenched less by the clock and more by crossing the finish line. I would define my running career as a satisfied “middle of the packer.” And althought, I’ve never been discouraged by not finishing first, I have wanted to run faster at different points of my training.

When I was in my early 20s I was asked to serve on the Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness. Another councilmember was the World Class runner Ellen Hart Pena. Ellen not just an amazing runner, she’s a terrific mother and I really admire her! She introduced me to a friend of hers… the legendary American long-distance runner Frank Shorter. Shorter won the gold medal in the marathon at the 1972 Summer Olympics. His victory is credited with igniting the running boom in the United States of the 1970s.

I actually met Frank in a limosine on the way to his race the Boulder Boulder in the late 90s, (which would be glamorous except it was about 4am in the morning on race day!) Because of my work on the Fitness Council I was helping with some Boulder Boulder race preps and was riding from Denver to the race with the organizers. I had just returned to running a few months prior following the birth of my first son. Getting through my workouts and races faster had become more important because I had a reason to get home quicker— to be a mom!

As we road together I asked Frank a simple question. I told him I wanted to be quicker. I laughed and said I’m not trying to beat Ellen but as a runner “How do you get faster?”

He paused. Then answered with this, “Amy, to run fast. You have to run fast.”

Everyone laughed. Maybe there is a hidden message in his advice but I took it this way…. you have to train fast, to get faster. So that’s what I did for his race…. Year after Year. And I looked back at the race results for Boulder Boulder for the years I ran it…. And it must have motivated me…

By the way, the Boulder Boulder can have as many as 50,000 runners and is the largest timed race in the USA. It’s an awesome course!

1999 (under my married name) 1:04:50
2000 AMY FREEZE 55:22
2001 AMY FREEZE 50:27
2002 AMY FREEZE 48:22

Running fast for me is about running faster when and where I can. I like my spot in the middle of the pack on race day… getting ready to run my best race. And yes, I admist I’m happy when I finish a workout quicker than usual. But it’s mostly because I can start working on dinner!! 🙂



Oh Rats!

On my run last night I realized I’ve seen some interesting things in nature over a quarter century of running.  There are the highlights – rainbows, sunrised and sunsets. And the images I’d rather forget – “roadkill” being the worst. I’ve seen turtles, caterpillars, llamas, a hogwart on a run in Africa, and I even brought a stray kitten home from a run when I was 12. But this week, I had a one of a kind run. A stare down, a real face off. It was a “your path or mine,” kind of duel. And the battle was with a New York City rat. A very stubborn rat.

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This 8 mile training run took me and my training partner Curt (thank heavens I have a witness to this story!) We ran along the Hudson River from Midtown to West Harlem for about 8 miles round trip. Granted, our run was at dusk when rodents like to prowel… but we saw 4 rats cross the path in the first four miles! I was still shreaking when we met up with Rat #5… he was in the middle of the path and the middle of dinner. He didn’t flinch as we approached. And he had no plans to move. We stared. He stared, and stayed firm. I stomped. And stomped again…. he wasn’t about to give up his spot. I have no idea why it is so terrifying to be so close to a rat, but I wasn’t gonna pass until he cleared the road. Finally, a twig tossed in his direction was enough for him to scoot to the grass… we passed… but I looked back. Would a rat so bold be willing to chase us down after we bumped him from the path?

Even for NYC I felt like this was unusual so I did a bit of research… rats are being spotted above ground more following NYC’s WETTEST summer in history. There have been reports of huge rats, rats taking over playgrounds, and in one case, a woman being bitten by a rat. I’m still a scaredy cat and leaped about 3 feet when I saw the 6th, 7th, 8th and yes, 9th rat! NINE Rats, not a misprint. And I have a witness.  Good thing I can run fast…faster than a NYC rat.  Here’s are some fast rat facts and recent rat reports.





#WeekendWorkout for NYC

I’ll be doing my 20 miles this weekend for my ING NYC Marathon Training… (I’ll be the one with the Rats or BUST t-shirt)  I’m joining the Hole in the Wall Gang and American Record Holder Josh Cox for Poland Spring Water.  I’ve been following a MAP MY RUN training schedule put together by the NYRR.     WATER

Saturday Muggy and Cloudy with a shower in spots, not soakers but the threat of rain off and on during the day High of 75
Sunday (the drier day of the weekend) A brief morning shower then clouds to sunshine High of 73

Meteorlogist Amy Freeze

NYC Marathon Training: #WeekendWorkout

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#WeekendWorkout on Twitter

American Record Holder Josh Cox

I met Josh Cox in Chicago in 2010

This time of year, marathoners are getting in their long runs every weekend. Part of the equation of when and how many miles is What’s the Weather this Weekend?!

American Record Holder Josh Cox has a twitter shoutout called #WeekendWorkout so I thought I’d post up my weekend workouts as well as a Workout Forecast leading up to the ING NYC Marathon. Both Cox and I will be running with Hole In The Wall Gang put together by Poland Spring Water.

My long run on Sept. 10th was along the Hudson River from West 63rd all the way to the George Washington Bridge. It’s a 13 mile run along the Hudson up and back. I love this run in the evening and if you time it just right you’ll see an amazing sunset. Oh! And bring a camera – there’s a cool, red lighthouse at the base of the GW Bridge!

Best Things About the Run: it’s along the WATER so you get a breeze the whole way, there are a few WATER stops in the parks adjacent to the path, there are many parks along the way and you’ll get a vibe for the neighborhoods all the way up the west side of NYC, there are a few restaurants and my favorite is the iCAFE burger spot near 71st at the Pier $10 gets you a yummy burger and fries.

Look out for: the path is well marked when it gets narrow for where runners should be and where bikers should be so pay attention! The path is not well lit in spots so DO NOT run when it’s too dark. Finally, beware – the GW Bridge looks much closer than it is!!!

Weekend Forecast for your Workout Sept 17-18 in #NYC
It looks and feels like Fall!
Saturday Partly Sunny, Before 9AM mid 50s, Afternoon High 67
Sunday Sunny and Cool, Before 9AM mid 50s, Afternoon High 70