Remembering Dick Clark

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Along with forecasting the weather over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to host shows and work on special projects!  (My first job in TV was as an entertainment reporter for a live, local show in Portland, OR!) One of the biggest thrills on those special assignments was a TV interview with Dick Clark.

This photo is from when I met and interviewed Dick Clark in April 2004 while hosting “10!” on WCAU NBC 10. I’ll never forget him sharing his “Philadelphia” stories – including of his neighbor “Ed McMahan” who talked him into going to the American Bandstand host auditions… Clark said he had at first brushed Ed off telling him he already had a great gig on radio. But at Ed’s persistence he went and the rest is history! Clark was so charming and his delightful wife Kari was lovely visiting with the entire crew during their visit. 
The timing of the interview happened just as his Diabetes diagnosis was happening — he had joined forces with the American Diabetes Association. During the interview we discussed the increased awareness for connection diabetes to the possibility of stroke… just a few months later Mr. Clark suffered a stroke himself. He made so many people smile! RIP #DickClark

Dick Clark’s final New Years Eve in Times Square was my first time to see the ball drop in person… it was a thrill #2012
Click here for MORE ON DICK CLARK–entertainment-icon-nicknamed–america-s-oldest-teenager—dies-at-82.html


When it Rains, It Drains

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Everytime it rains in NYC, even a light rain, there is the threat of combined sewer overflows.  That means that both storm water and sewer water combine to overflow the infrastructure that carries water to the treatment plants.  There is too much water for the pipes and the excess is released into creeks, rivers, and streams in the NYC area. That's right.  Sewage released into waterways where you swim, boat, kayak, and fish.  It's something everyone should be aware of because it happens often and it's not easily fixed. I'm reminded it everyday when I run along the Hudson River.

Combined Sewer Overflow Point on Hudson River   Photo By Amy Freeze

This activity is a threat to water quality.  It's basically an equation of too much water in too short of time and not enough pipe to push the water.  This is a problem in many large, older cities.  The solutions are not simple.  From the city to activists, many people are concerned about stormwater runoff and its impact on water quality.   Here's what New York City has to say about Stormwater and a Map of Combined Sewer Overflow outlets in NYC.  This is where you can find Current Water Advisories in NYC Alerts.

CSO Release Point on Upper West Side   Photo by Amy Freeze

I did my Master Thesis on storm water at University of Pennsylvania and continue to be interested in a way to alert the community that our water quality if vulnerable!  It's such a tricky topic.  As water flows from our faucets everyday, it seems like a never ending flow of clean, safe water.  But everytime there is a storm there is threat to water quality.  Taking actions like:  delaying fertilizers and pesticides, redirecting runoff, capturing rainwater, ration use of water during storms are all things that we will need to consider as a community to protect water quality.

I recently spoke with Kate Zidar, Executive Director of Newtown Creek Alliance who shared some exciting plans for combined sewer release notifications.  Kate is working with Leif Percifield of Parsons the New School of Design on a new way to communicate combined sewer overflows when they happen for Newtown.  Click to find out more at DON'T FLUSH ME!

If you know of stormwater problems where you live or you know of environmental organizations working for water quality – send me their information!  Email

Click here to read Stormwater Action Alert Program written by Meteorologist Amy Freeze, complete research is at

Chasing Amy: Running After an Artist

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CAPTURED!  Artist on the Hudson Riverside Running Path

Storms come and go.  The River brings the wood.  The Artist finds his medium.  The runner wanders by and wonders…  Who the heck takes wood knocked over by a storm and carried down river and turns it into an art display?   I found him! 

I run along the Hudson on Riverside Park and for the last year I've been taking pictures of these mysterious sculptures crafted out of driftwood… I run early and late and everywhere in between but I have never seen them being assembled…I have asked the neighbors, the sailors, the park rangers, and I even left a note on one of them one time!  But today I caught him in the act… the artist was pulling driftwood by bicycle up the path!  

"Is it you?" I asked as I ran up in a full sprint.  "It's me, you caught me," as if he knew how elusive he has been for people who travel the Riverside Bike and Running Path.  I caught Howard pulling driftwood from the beach by George Washington Bridge (where the biggest pieces wash up) and he was taking it south down by Chelsea Pier.  His artwork, which is basically, driftwood put into special shapes, can been seen from the GWB down to Chelsea Pier.  Until now, I don't think anyone has revealed him!  But this is not a case closed… I asked him when he builds, he says usually at night….  But, get this, upon further questioning he says he has discovered some art *NOT* made by him… an imposter, a copy cat, or an inspired young budding artist? 




Meteorologist Amy Freeze

WABC: The Last Kiss

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Director Ron Howard's latest film project has a Brooklyn man scrambling to find 4 people he took a picture of on August 16th  The hunt is as wild as a movie script itself.   I interviewed the local photographer who's in a frenzy to search for people photographed in "The Last Kiss."

A pic may be worth a thousand words but This one could be a Hollywood movie.  


 Mo Gebler / Brooklyn Photographer

This candid Bonnie and Clyde could make one man a winner in a national photo contest. Out of work Brooklyn photog Mo Gelber is now Desperately tracking down his subjects. Gelber has less than 24 hours.  The officers Have agreed to sign. He's lookin for 28 Alexis creque and 26 years old Russell Murphy who have not been found.  In fact, the man is still in jail. 

The crime of the lovebirds? They are accused of graffiti here on Eldridge Street. The young man allegedly tagged the well known line CASH4.  Gebler says when he asked the handcuffed kissers their crime, the man replied "I was writing on other people's stuff." 

Gebler says he thinks the offense is no crime at all, but he's willing to go to Rykers to get the release signed! If Gebler  can't get signatures hell be disqualified. But he has a constellation in mind.  He's out of work, now that his photo has gone viral… he's hoping it will spark a job offer! 

He say the secret to getting a great candid is anticipation. Gebler says he was at Central Booking on another shoot when he looked up and say the handcuffed couple about to engage before being taken away, he says "it was their last kiss before being separated for who knows how long."

Update:  Mo Gebler was able to enter the contest called “Project Imaginat10n,” a collaboration between director Ron Howard and Canon Camera Company. Gebler says they called him a few days ago and said that a group of judges picked my photo along with nine or ten others as potential finalists.  He was able to secure all 4 signatures!   Oh!  and Mo got his first Profesional gig with the Daily News.  Congrats!  LOOK HERE  He wrote on his FB page the story of how it happened following his viral outbreak of "The Last Kiss." ((I got a call from Simone Weichselbaum , a reporter from the daily news.They were looking at my facebook page and saw some photos of interesting people and places in Brooklyn. They wanted to run some of the

photos and asked me to come in to their office with my laptop to give them the photos. When I walked in , I had a camera hanging off my neck.They asked me why ,and I said 'the camera does me no good in the bag, I always have to be ready.'  After I gave her the photos , she wanted me to meet the editor.While we were talking, the editor was interrupted a few times by phone calls and was trying to find a staff photographer to go with Simone on a local story.After a few phone calls, nobody was available and all eyes in the room looked at me and my camera. They asked me if I would do it. I said hell yeah ! … My first assignment for the Daily News. I hope it leads to many more.))

Check out Mo's work on line…

Excerpt from "Good Culture" with Yasha Wallin:  "When Mo Gelber, an aspiring photojournalist, found himself in the right place at the right time—New York Central Booking—he captured the last moments between two lovers before being separated and charged with graffiti-related violations. With his shot Gelber entered a contest, which would turn a winning image into a film. But when Gelber realized he needed consent from the unknown couple, he spent a frenzied attempt via Facebook to find them. The story caught the media’s attention, yet no one seemed to get the facts right. Saturday was the deadline to get the couple’s sign off, and yesterday, as the winners of the contest were be made public, Gelber let us in on what really happened with the "last kiss." "



WABC: Ideal Forecast for Cy Young Candidate

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It’s a pitch so fickle, even the weather can mess it up.  But with the success of Mets Pitcher RA Dickey and his knuckleball this season, even Hollywood has taken interest.   A documentary debuting tonight in NY features the much-doubted, yet still-celebrated KNUCKLEBALL.  Meteorologist Amy Freeze found out why this is a story beyond baseball… and how the Knuckleball may get its very first Cy Young award.


Tricky. Magic. Even called a circus act. Not many trust nor believe in it. Back in May – RA Dickey told Amy Freeze his pitch even depends on the wind.  And the knuckleball has never been tied to baseball’s greatest pitching award.

Former Knuckleballer Phil Niekro said, "There’s never been a knukleball pitcher win the Cy Young, never."   The concept behind a new movie about the pitch is that it actually could be a metaphor for beating the odds. Doing something that others say cannot be done, that’s what “Knuckleball” documentary implies. 

These two Manhattan filmmakers Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg rallied a dwindling group of pitchers to film a story that celebrates the underdog. Stern says the knuckleballers in the movie share a brotherhood and a commonality of "what it took to overcome obstacles to pursue their dreams.  We thinks it’s universal story in that way.”

 At Soho's MLB Batcave RA Dickey met with aspiring pitchers who want to throw the same pitch that he is having so much success with right now.  RA actually took a huge risk in his 30s to change his pitching style to something that no other pitcher is trying right now in MLB.   He said, "the lure is that is looks asy.  throwing 65-70 mph people say I could maybe do that… but reality is tough… really difficult to take spin off a ball so that a hitter cannot hit it." 

The pitch is complex.  The grip.  The unpredictability.  A hang nail can disrupt it.  Even rain storms are dangerous to its succes.  But things have gone RA Dickey's way… even the forecasts have helped his record.   "Weather has been pretty cooperative… just Atlanta with the rain early in the season then one hot home game that was incredibly humid with no wind.  So, just 2 of 30 starts the weather affected me." 

When it is slicing the atmosphere just right,  former Red Sox Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield says baseball’s most disrespected pitch can leave hitters squirming.  " I remember Derek Jeter used to do this (shake his hands) to me all the time when he struck out." The pitch bothered some hitters.

Dickey found his biggest success with strikeouts against Baltimore this season, but "Jayosn Werth had hit off me previously, so when I did strike him out,  I was, on the inside, doing a fist pump!"

The "Knuckleball" documentary reveals what happens when the pitch goes wrong.  But in real life, there could be a “made for movie” ending.  His comrads in the knuckleball club are confident Dickey could be the first knuckleballer to ever take home the biggest prize in MLB pitching awards.  Tim Wakefield, "Yes on the record, it’s good enough to win. I believe he should win a Cy Young award this year. Phil Niekro, "Tight now we’re looking for him to win it. He’s got my vote all the way.



Meteorologist Amy Freeze

WABC: Ground Truth on #Mashable

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Mashable Article

As I prepared for this weekend’s “Eyewitness to Extreme Weather” Special airing Dec. 1st on WABC-TV I went to Mashable’s New York City offices to talk storms and social media.  The interview with Mashable Editor Lance Ulanoff was a smashing success. (I wanted to use mash and smash in the same sentence!) His interview will air on the TV Weather Special this weekend.  But our meeting also sparked a conversation about how important social media is to technology verification.  So, I became a guest writer on the topic.  Read it here.  Mashable Article

LANCE is a Scottish-American news website and Internet news blog founded by Pete Cashmore when he was just 19 years old. The website’s popularity went viral with the digital generation with a primary focus on social media news. Mashable also coversdevelopments in mobile, entertainment, online video, business, web development, technology, memes and gadgets.   Mashable Article

Meteorologist Amy Freeze

WABC: Jay Z Takes the Subway

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… you never know who you will meet on the R train to Brooklyn….

This was a fun story to do… following Jay Z's release of the documentary "Where I am From" about his 8 shows at the Barclay Center.  It was acutally his ride on the subway to his final show that had people talking.  He say next to a woman from Brooklyn who had no idea who he was… she was born in Williamsburg about 10 minutes from Jay Z's childhood neighborhood of Bed-Stuy.  Below is the story about 67-year-old Ellen Grossman meeting Jay Z.  She says she thinks she's luck to have met him – because of the way he made her feel in their one on one conversation on the Subway.  #NewYork  

STORY by Amy Freeze about Jay Z meeting Ellen


Video Clip of the woman who met Jay Z

You Tube of the Documentary WHERE I AM FROM

You Tube of Ellen and Jay Z