WABC: Jay Z Takes the Subway

Posted: January 6, 2013 in 1

… you never know who you will meet on the R train to Brooklyn….

This was a fun story to do… following Jay Z's release of the documentary "Where I am From" about his 8 shows at the Barclay Center.  It was acutally his ride on the subway to his final show that had people talking.  He say next to a woman from Brooklyn who had no idea who he was… she was born in Williamsburg about 10 minutes from Jay Z's childhood neighborhood of Bed-Stuy.  Below is the story about 67-year-old Ellen Grossman meeting Jay Z.  She says she thinks she's luck to have met him – because of the way he made her feel in their one on one conversation on the Subway.  #NewYork  

STORY by Amy Freeze about Jay Z meeting Ellen


Video Clip of the woman who met Jay Z

You Tube of the Documentary WHERE I AM FROM

You Tube of Ellen and Jay Z


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