TEAMABC7 5th Ave Mile

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Running

#TEAMABC7 had a great showing at New York Road Runners 5th Ave. Mile!  the weather was ideal for flying down NYC most famous straight-away!

Our very own Jay Holder got first place in the Media Heat!  All 7 members of our team finished in 8 minutes or less!

Check out the photos below!  Continue all the hard work for your training for the ING MARATHON 2012  WABC-TV will broadcast the race on Nov. 4th!



Our team, Meteorologist Jeff Smith, Producer Jay Holder, Photographer John Sprei, Viewer Catie Canetti, Meteorologist Amy Freze, Trainer Jeff Halevy, Viewer Nelson Aspen


Fitness Trainer Jeff Halevy from


Live! Your Morning Escape!

Amy Freeze, Nelson Aspen, Jeff Smith
79 Year Old Grandma


Post Race Entertainment…I can double dutch… it’s much harder than running the mile down 5th in 6:35!!!

By Amy Freeze


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