Raised to Run: Maree Chavez

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Running
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Happy Birthday TODAY to my sweet friend Maree Chavez

She is the kind of person that not only INSPIRES adventure.  

SHE IS the one that you CAN COUNT on to SHOW UP! 

Maree is my middle of the night, early in the morning, over fire, through the mud, and even with a broken pinky toe – running partner!  We have run many races together including the NYC Marathon in 2002 and the Philadelphia Marathon.  Maree is a wife, mother, business owner and a marathoner that I look up to and admire!


Tough Mudder Illinois 2007

Amy and Maree WARRIOR DASH


I met Maree through my sister Jessica when I was living in Denver, Colorado in 1998. I actually went to her salon HAIRPEOPLE for a haircut and we’ve been friends ever since. I liked her instantly.  She has a lovely way about her – a warm smile and just a glowy personality altogether. Maree and I ran together in races in Denver.  We did training runs together at sunrise up at Denver’s Red Rocks Ampitheatre.  Every year for 10 years she showed up at the Miles to Fight Melanoma Race I hosted.  We ran in the dark of night together at Cherry Creek Park while the rest of the city slept! We’ve had dozens of adventures. And SHE WAS THERE for my very first NYC Marathon

and despite a broken toe, she ran alongside me for half the race. And while she was writing for Women’s Magazine I asked her to join a MEDIA RELAY TEAM for the Outward Bound Relay… our team ran 185 miles in 24 hours. Yep. She is the kind of person that not only INSPIRES adventure.  SHE IS the one that you CAN COUNT on to SHOW UP!   One of my favorite stories was the time we were wanting to do something “different” so I looked up online an obstacle course and we drove 90 minutes to run in a homegrown cross country race over boulders, through a creek, used ropes to climb an embankment (oh, and we paid them to do it!)  Another good one was while I was living in Chicago we signed up for the Warrior Dash – where we ran through fire and crawled through mud. You get the idea.  She rocks.

I hope you know someone like Maree too.  They are more than running partners. They are your friends… even when you are running miles apart!  Here’s more about how she is “Raised to Run!”


Amy and Maree Philadelphia Marathon 2005

Amy and Maree Philly Marathon


AMY FREEZE Why do you run, bike, workout?  

MAREEE CHAVEZ  It’s a way of life. I love getting up in the  morning before the sun rises and getting that part of my day taken care of.

AMY FREEZE How did u start running?

MAREE CHAVEZ  I started running in high school, but I didn’t start really running until I started training with friends and meeting people who loved it as much as I did. It then became more about the fun of training and not really the ‘race’ itself.

AMY FREEZE What are your current running habits – are you training for a race?

MAREE CHAVEZ I have slowed down on running at this stage due to hip issues. I am still able to ride bikes, as it is more ‘forgiving’ on MY body:)

AMY FREEZE What’s your most favorite running/race experience?

MAREE CHAVEZ My first marathon! Washington DC’s Marine Corp. Marathon. 10 of us trained together and hopped on a plane together to do the race. It was so fun having a destination and doing it with others. I had never been to our Nation’s Capital, so it was a great ‘tour’ as we ran past all of the monuments.

AMY FREEZE How do you overcome challenges in your running life – when you hit the wall, when injury strikes, when your life gets busy and it’s hard to get a run in, and all the other obstacles of life — what helps you keep running! 

MAREE CHAVEZ Having had a taste of the satisfaction of how it FEELS to accomplish the goal of a particular race, keeps me going. It’s the fact that it IS so hard and one does sacrifice a lot to get the training in–it’s not easy and it’s up to ONESELF to put the work in. It’s about the feeling…not the medal.

If you are ever in Denver, check out Maree’s Favorite Workout Spot Kinetic Fitness Studio in Cherry Creek!


Amy and Maree NYC Marathon 2002

Amy and Maree NYC Marathon 2002
Copy of amynyfinish

Deirdre, Amy, Maree NYC Post Race

 By Amy Freeze


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