Raised to Run: Diana Williams

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Running
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DianaWatching someone on TV can make them seem invincible.  Well, Diana Williams is exactly the same in real life.  I’ve known her a much shorter time than all of her viewers in my time here at WABC-TV.  But what I do know, is that there is no distance she won’t go to be a friend, a light, and a motivation to others!  Last October I got to see her in action at one of  her favorite fitness events, the annual Strides Against Breast Cancer.  We will all be back at that event in the coming weeks so if you are out in Central Park or one of the other many Strides locations doing a long run — drop by and cheer on the American Cancer Societ Event.  Diana once had the ING Marathon on her bucket list…. but now, she’s on the Finishers list!  Here’s Diana Williams look back at her 2010 ING Marathon!

DIANA WILLIAMS:  It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I ran the NYC Marathon.  It seems like yesterday.  I can still recall the rigorous long distance runs, and the hours spent discussing  food, potty stops and aches and pains with my training partner and “Live” producer, Lori Schulweis.  Many of my runs were in the suburbs – as I worked my way up from a measly 3 miles to 22 before race day.  I learned so much, about my body and my loving husband (hubs), who would plant bottles of water or a  banana along my running routes.  And if my long run wasn’t a full circle, he would drive 13- 15 or 18 miles to pick me up, occasionally driving by and cheering me on. 

Here’s a link to Diana’s Blog aboout her marathon!

Race day was filled with butterflies.  My son was there, hubs too.  They picked spots along the way to cheer me on.   Good friends came too, including Tara Zimmerman, another Eyewitness News producer. She jumped in around mile 18.   We ran the More Half Marathon together the year before and she was welcome company.  She was with me until the final 2 miles—when the adrenaline kicks in and you know you are going to make it across the finish line.        

This year, I am back running again, but no marathon for me.  Instead, a group of us at Eyewitness News are doing a 5k –  the day before the ING NYC Marathon.  I am retracing many of the same training routes I ran before, but dong fewer miles.   The 5-K starts at the U.N., runs across 42nd Street past Grand Central, and then up into Central Park where they are already set up for the marathon the next day.  We get to cross the marathon finish line without running the previous 23 miles.   

It’s just 3.1 miles, but we are taking it seriously.  TEAMABC7 blogger Jason Holder is our training coach.  He recently had us in the park doing a simulation run, followed by drills and strides.  Tara is running with me again, and rather than distance, we have set time goals for ourselves.  I don’t know if I will run another Marathon, but I have a great appreciation for those who do and an understanding of the commitment involved, not just for the runners, but their families too. 

Best of luck to everyone on race day.   And don’t forget to look for TEAMABC7 both at the 5k and on Marathon day.  We will be tweeting and facebooking and looking to hear about your run! 

By the way, Lisa Goldberg was my food coach.  Yes, food (fuel) really matters, especially for first timers.  Her information:  Lisa Goldberg MS,CNS, CDN  President, HealthCoach LLC
Phone 212-920-0070 www.HealthCoach-Lisa.com  HER BLOG             

Keep up with Diana on the run … Diana on Twitter

By Amy Freeze


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