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Posted: January 6, 2013 in Running
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DESIREE DAVILA has had huge highs and certain lows in her running in the last two years… she got the fastest Boston time ever for an American woman and qualified for the Olympics but an injury forced her out of the race, a DNF in London.  One thing is clear, she’s young and tough and has a great running career in front of her!  I hope we see her back at ING NYC Marathon in the future! Watching Des and hearing about her career is a huge motivation to take everything in stride.  One day you can be at your fastest PR, the next your dodging injuries… running is all about the journey.
I’m in the photo below on the far left, Des is just in front of me as we took a jog for this photo in Central Park to support the NYRR.  In 2011, Des finished in 2nd place at the Boston Marathon and set a 4 minute personal record. Her time of 2:22:38 is the fastest time ever run by an American woman in the Boston Marathon!


Personal Bests:
15:08 5,000 meters
31:37 10,000 meters
1:10:34 Half Marathon
2:22:38 Marathon
2012- 2nd, US Olympic Trials Womens Marathon (2:25:55)
2011- 2nd, BAA Boston Marathon (2:22:38)
2010- 4th, Bank of America Chicago Marathon (2:26:20)
2010- 3rd, 10,000 meters- USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships (32:22)
2010- 10th, 3,000 meters- IAAF World Indoor Track and Field Championships 
2009- 11th, IAAF World Championships Marathon (2:27:53)
2008- 5th, Bank of America Chicago Marathon (2:31:33)

AMY FREEZE:  Why do you run?

DES DAVILA:  That’s a big question! I love the challenge; setting a big goal and working towards it, putting in work and seeing results, and trying to improve myself each day. 

AMY FREEZE:  How did u start running?  Did someone or some event trigger your running?

DES DAVILA:  I grew up playing soccer and softball. I always struggled in softball, it was just too slow paced for me. My parents said I could stop playing but I had to find another activity to fill that season of the year. I ran around so much on the soccer field that track seemed like it would be a good alternative — it was and I loved it!



Des Davila

AMY FREEZE: What are your current running habits – are you training for a race?

DES DAVILA:  Right now I’m recovering from an injury and will be gradually be building up base mileage for the next few months. 

AMY FREEZE: What’s your most favorite running/race experience? When/Where, etc.

DES DAVILA:  My favorite race experience is probably the 2006 World Road Running Championship in Debrecen, Hungary. I didn’t win or run the most spectacular time but had a big mental breakthrough that day where I felt I learned I could compete at a very high level. It got me excited about running the longer distances and ultimately kept me in the sport a bit longer so I could continue to develop.

AMY FREEZE:  How do you overcome challenges in your running life – when you hit the wall, when injury strikes, when your life gets busy and it’s hard to get a run in, and all the other obstacles of life — what helps you keep running!

DES DAVAILA:  I like that you phrase them as ‘challenges’ because that’s exactly what they are. When something isn’t going perfect in my running life I like to look at is as a challenge instead of a failure, let down, etc. A challenge creates an opportunity to learn and improve the next time out. For me, the challenge is why I love running, if every day was easy it probably wouldn’t be as fun. Stepping up to a challenge and overcoming obstacles are what make the successful days so so sweet. 

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London Olympic Trials Slide Show HERE

By Amy Freeze


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