Chasing Amy: Running After an Artist

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Running

CAPTURED!  Artist on the Hudson Riverside Running Path

Storms come and go.  The River brings the wood.  The Artist finds his medium.  The runner wanders by and wonders…  Who the heck takes wood knocked over by a storm and carried down river and turns it into an art display?   I found him! 

I run along the Hudson on Riverside Park and for the last year I've been taking pictures of these mysterious sculptures crafted out of driftwood… I run early and late and everywhere in between but I have never seen them being assembled…I have asked the neighbors, the sailors, the park rangers, and I even left a note on one of them one time!  But today I caught him in the act… the artist was pulling driftwood by bicycle up the path!  

"Is it you?" I asked as I ran up in a full sprint.  "It's me, you caught me," as if he knew how elusive he has been for people who travel the Riverside Bike and Running Path.  I caught Howard pulling driftwood from the beach by George Washington Bridge (where the biggest pieces wash up) and he was taking it south down by Chelsea Pier.  His artwork, which is basically, driftwood put into special shapes, can been seen from the GWB down to Chelsea Pier.  Until now, I don't think anyone has revealed him!  But this is not a case closed… I asked him when he builds, he says usually at night….  But, get this, upon further questioning he says he has discovered some art *NOT* made by him… an imposter, a copy cat, or an inspired young budding artist? 




Meteorologist Amy Freeze


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