Chasing Amy: My First Marathon

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Running



My 1st Marathon was in the Snow

 After I had my first baby I was struggling to get back into shape!  I finally found a program that worked for me called Body for Life by Bill Phillips.  I made a amazing physical transformation losing 60lbs (see before and after pics on the link above!) and cutting my body fat in half!  But there was more to it… I also had a huge mental transformation, I believed if I could change my body that I could do anything I set my mind to do!  That’s when I decided to run my first marathon.  Since that time I have run 6 more.  

Colorado Marathon RESULTS 4:37

San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon RESULTS 4:16

Chicago Marathon 2000  RESULTS 4:26

New York Marathon 2002 RESULTS 4:19, 2011 RESULTS 4:35

Philadelphia Marathon 2003 RESULTS 4:13

There are about as many reasons that people run a marthon as there are runners themselves…. I wanted to run a marathon because I knew it would be a challenge.

My first race was at Colorado State Park in Denver.  It snowed the morning of the October race.  But when you train for so long, no matter what happens the mornign of the race nothing can really get in your way at that point. It was so cold out and I was rushing a bit – once I got the start I wanted one last water/bathroom break… I ran to the bathrooms but the start was only a few minutes away… on my quick dash back to the start I felt a pop in my knee.  I was in pain from the very first mile!!!  I hurt my knee before the start of the race… and it never felt right. But I finished. And I was happy to cross the finish line despite the pain! Post race, I would find out I had a slight tear in my miniscus. Many months later I thought if I could do that race in the snow on a bum knee… I’m totally gonna do it again… but this time in California where it won’t be cold and won’t snow!

After that first race, I’ve morphed into more of a social runner — running towards a marathon goal so that I can train and race with friends.   


Gary, Amy, Ryan, Curt

By Amy Freeze 


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