Team Achilles NYC Marathon

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Running

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Matt Turner and Achilles Guides

  “They are my strentgh my support my energy my everything!” -Leo 

“This one is my motviatioan she maks me laugh.” -Jose

Achilles was founded in 1976 by NYC marathon’s first prosthetic leg finish Dick Traum… but it is defined as much by it’s athletes as it is by it’s volunteers.

“I can’t see very well we use a teather… I hold the other side.” -Alyssa

A team of Achilles guides help “Backwards Bill” as he’s affectionately called for his unique wheelchair push. 

His team jokes he’s a 6 minute miler … downhill that is!  They claim the challenge is theirs for keeping up with a jovial  60 year old with cereral palsey.  He’s training for his 32nd NYC marathon.

Bill’s guide says, “he’s famouns on the course.. scram his name the whole way.”

After seeing Bill in NYC Marathon veteran marathoner Gaspar Epstein joined Achilles as a guide.  “It is more work as a runner… but as weird as th sounds.. they are inspiring me to work hard ad run.”

“Beause I’m visually imprair I can’t run off on my own I ned a pair of eyes on the road.”

Challenged atheltes have another obstacle in the NYC marathon besides their disability.  They also have to face the extraordinary size of the race field.  So many runners on the course with a field of 47,000 runners.  But ultimately that challenge is what makes these runners like everyone else on race day.  Stephen says, “this is about all of us people overcoming our individual challenges.  Runners get behind us and we get behind other people we see out there!”

Achilles has more than 70 chapters in over 43 countries worldwide. Join our team or make a donation! Please help us continue this important work. And when you see us in the Marathon, give a cheer “Go Achilles!”

By Amy Freeze


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