Tracking the First Snow

Posted: December 1, 2009 in ALL TOPICS
Amy Freeze Tracks First Snow

Amy Freeze Tracks First Snow

Tracking the first snow of the season.  One of the tools I use in tracking precipitation for the forecast is the Time Series Model.  This graphic is available from data in the GFS, NAM and RUC models.  It’s just one tool used to look at whether the storm is going to produce rain, ice, thunder, snow, or a mix in between.

This is the GFX Time Series Model Showing the chance for snow in our area late on Wednesday Night into Thursday.  The storm will be passing to our south which means that it’s likely only parts of the southern area will see any accumulation of snow.  The temperatures will be chilly behind this storm system with our coldest overnight readings of the season expected for the first full week of December.

The best place to see the snow storm moving into the area is on by clicking on weather for the Live Power Doppler which has a live chat and real time live streaming radar.  Live Power Doppler is the strongest and fastest most powerful radar in the Midwest.

  1. amyfreeze says:

    Rain changes to light snow and flurries across the area tonight…. not expecting it to stick… this storm gives us a glancing blow so just expect a few fly-by flurries…

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